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The Breast Cancer Society: Angels in Pink

The Breast Cancer Society is a non-profit group that is focused on providing help and assistance to the women suffering from Breast Cancer all over the world. The operation is centered in Arizona, U.S. but there are a number of different centers operating all over the states as well as internationally.

What’s unique about the Breast Cancer Society?

The Breast Cancer Society is different from other cancer support groups as it tends to take a more practical approach towards helping the Breast Cancer patients, instead of merely raising awareness about early detection, the importance of screening and then the different treatment options available to combat cancer. Moreover, while other societies tend to gather resources for funding research to ultimately find a cure for breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Society adopts a more direct regimen by aiming to help these people while they are in the process of treatment or recovery.

How is this direct approach possible?

The Breast Cancer Society has a number of different programs in function that are designed to help these women who are in the process of getting treatment for their Breast Cancer, as well as those who have completed their initial treatment and are now in rehabilitation for return to a normal functional routine. These programs are geared around the concept of providing both financial, material and emotional help to these people in their time of need. The Hope Supply Program, the In Home Care program, International Medical Aid, Hope Scholarship fund, Empower One Scholarship fund and financial assistance are some of the few programs that the society operates for the welfare of Breast Cancer patients.

Financial Assistance

The financial assistance program is designed to offer both long and short term loans to these women at subsidized rates, as the drain of the treatment for cancer can be a very costly one, and one that even financially sound people might begin to struggle under. The program also includes many scholarship funds for the women or their offspring to offer them a chance of getting a sound and quality education despite this major roadblock that fell out of nowhere into their lives. All these scholarships and loan programs are funded directly by the Breast Cancer Society through your donations and efforts.

In Home Care Program

This program has much to offer for Breast Cancer patients, especially those who are living alone and do not have a loved one or a relative to be able to look after them. The program aims to provide some of the much needed tender, loving, care in the beginning of the term since the cancer treatment starts which can be very draining and physically exhausting for the patient, by arranging for a nurse or health care professional to visit and make sure that everything is in order and the basic health and living requirements are being met.

You too can help

The Breast Cancer Society urges you to actively participate and be a part of this war against cancer by contributing directly to the funding and manpower required to operate this organization that is helping a great number of people all around the world to fight cancer.

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Breast Cancer Charity Work: Pocketing money in the name of charity work
Breast Cancer Charity Organizations, the front runners of the Pink Parade, the champions of breast cancer awareness campaigns, or are they?  You are probably thinking that this article is about negating and belittling the good work done by these organizations.  Well the focus of this article is to create awareness about scams being conducted using the name and label of a humanitarian cause.

Not all such associations or organizations are what they claim. Some are merely in the breast cancer society industry for making money. Did you know that this industry is a whooping six billion dollar industry?  Annually millions of dollars are raised directly from awareness programs, funding and donation campaigns.  Billions are made indirectly via collaboration with conglomerates and multinationals. So it is imperative that recognize and understand the scam. What the typical swindlers do is that they sell themselves or advertise themselves as a charity or an organization which is collecting funds for breast cancer patients.

They claim to be affiliated with x,y, and z hospital. Thereby they beguile people into not only giving them generous donations, but also fool people into buying their merchandise. The merchandize; which they are apparently selling to raise funds for breast cancer patients.

Some frauds actually usurp all the money, the more ingenious ones devise absurdly useless ways in which they contribute to the hospitals. Such ways are aimed at saving money and are merely just pomp and show. Nothing effective or useful is done in such activities.  All of the companies or brands are actually advertising their products via their pink ribbon advertisements or campaigns. Claiming that a percent of the money made from the sale of their each product will be donated to breast cancer patients, societies, and hospitals treating breast cancer patients.
Do we really know how much they are actually contributing or if they are contributing what they claim at all? Breast cancer schemes have made some people very rich. A of organizations claim to be doing research for a cure and keep on demanding more funds. Such organizations promise their benefactors a cure. What they play on is the fact that the word cancer itself means something that cannot be absolutely cured in every case.
We are nowhere near cure than we were twenty years ago. So the question is where the money is going. Well from the surface it seems like its well spent. If you dwell a bit deeper than you will figure out how one can attribute some folks new found wealth to this scam. What you need to do is not buy everything and anything with pink on it.

Rather you need to explore and read about the company’s activities in the regard. You need to find out about which societies or organizations the money is going to and who are they in turn providing benefits to and whether the help they are providing is useful or not. You need to follow the Better Business Bureau, read reviews and comments by other watch dogs. Opt to donate to a organization which has transparent accounts.

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The Breast Cancer Society - So Much More than a Pink Ribbon Campaign

Pink ribbon campaigns are highly effective tools for raising breast cancer awareness. There's no denying that and no one wants to take anything away from the good this has done women around the world. It doesn't hurt that major celebrities and even professional athletes are getting in on the act by going pink for the entire month of October. These things show just how far reaching breast cancer is in the world today. Few people, at any age, of any nationality, and in any social circumstance, have been unaffected by this disease.

The Breast Cancer Society, truly understands the value of this campaign and just how much good it's doing to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness for breast cancer early detection. It's the points in between awareness and research that The Breast Cancer Society is most concerned with. Those are the spaces where the women who have received the fateful, life altering diagnosis live. That is where we feel we can do the most good.

We have nothing at all against the color pink. In fact, the Pink Ribbon Campaign has been instrumental in rallying the masses to take early detection seriously. It has been instrumental in saving the lives of countless women on a global scale.

How is the Breast Cancer Society Different?

The Breast Cancer Society does operate on a global scale by providing much needed medicine and medical supplies to medical clinics in countries, such as Africa, South East Asia, and Central America where poverty is widespread and breast cancer is often undetected and untreated as a result.

Close to home, the Breast Cancer Society provides much needed financial assistance in the form of monthly grants, for up to six months, in addition to one-time grants that are much larger. These grants are offered to families in extreme need who are having great difficulty keeping up with the high costs of breast cancer treatments and medications.

Other assistance is also available in the form of in-home assistance while recovering from surgery or going through treatment for breast cancer. While the assistance itself is not medical in nature, the assistant who comes to the home to offer help is a skilled caregiver capable of light housekeeping services, personal services, and running quick errands (in addition to providing transportation to and from medical appointments and pharmacies when necessary).

Perhaps the most popular service the Breast Cancer Society offers women suffering from the side effects of harsh treatments to rid their bodies of cancer is the Hope Supply Program. This program coordinates manufacturers and retailers in a call to action to help supply highly sought personal care items that are often luxuries abandoned in order to pay for medical care. These items include body washes, lotions, hair products, and even cosmetic products to help these women feel as if they're putting their best faces forward.

The good news is that you can be a part of the exciting good we're doing too. Whether it's through monetary donations, volunteering of your time, coordinating with retailers for the Hope Programs, shopping through vendors that donate a portion of their proceeds to the Breast Cancer Society, or hosting fundraisers and events, you can be an important part of the good work this organization is doing.

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Everybody wants to donate for the research on breast cancer. Prevention of this disease means a lot to the worldwide population. Breast cancer has increased exponentially in the past and we do not want it to increase even more. There are hundreds of such patients who cannot even afford the treatment of the breast cancer. This is simply sad! To help all these patients and to help further advances in the research regarding breast cancer we all are moved to donate and do whatever we can to stop this disease growing.

In order to raise funds, there are many organizations which are operating round the globe. Arrangement of fundraiser pink parties, pink ribbons which are available all over October, products bearing something pink and many other different ideas are being put into practice to raise as much money as is possible. But that does not mean that every organization which is operating is legitimate. Actually majority of the organizations are fake and are just present to loot your money and make themselves incredibly rich. So you are advised not to trust every charity blindly and do some research first. 

There are many different shameful strategies that are practiced to make you fall for one of those scams. In order to be safe from fake breast cancer organizations, it is absolutely necessary for you to know your rights and act accordingly. Before donating your money to an organization always check their credentials. It is obligatory for the organization to show how they spend your donations for the breast cancer. So the charities that are scams find it impossible to give this piece of information. So what they do is, if you are donating through the web they provide this information in a very unnoticeable way. It is your job now to find this information and read it carefully. 

Look out for fake looking and unprofessional WebPages, check the list of permanent donors and ask many different people about the organization that you are planning to give your donation to. Search the web as much as you can about that particular charity. Read reviews, testimonials and get as much information as you can about that particular charity. You will be surprised how many scammers you will come across. Do not ever respond to an unsolicited invitation from an organization to participate in a fundraising program. 

It is actually very sad that these scammers exist in the society. Their shameful acts are unfortunately unaccounted for. So you need to be extra vigilant before donating your money to a fake breast cancer charity. Breast cancer is a horrible disease and for it prevention enough funds are still required. Written all this is not meant to discourage you from donating your money but it is actually meant to increase the effectiveness of your donation as much as possible. 

There still exist many legitimate organizations and societies that are selflessly working for the cause of eradicating breast cancer. There are people out there who seek your donations for their treatment so don’t you let yourself become discouraged. Just do the required amount of research before choosing a charity that you would wish to donate your money to.

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For the prevention in escalation of breast cancer a lot of research funding is required. There are many societies working in the field of research and development in finding out the best cure for breast cancer. Now the goal fairly seems noble! But to be honest, breast cancer research has been abused by capitalists and opportunists. This noble cause has been molded by these so called businessmen into a form of business.

The month of October is dedicated for breast cancer awareness. In the whole October our cities are decorated with pink color. There are many different charities that have partnered with various organizations to raise funds for the research on breast cancer eradication. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world and sufferers of this fatal disease pull the strings of people’s hearts. When people sympathize with those who are suffering from this disease they really feel blessed that they do not have the disease and at the same time they feel sorry for those who are suffering and especially for those patients who cannot even afford the treatment. As a consequence of this sentiment, people are readily convinced to donate for the cause of research and prevention of breast cancer.

This sentiment is taken advantage of by frauds that just exist for the single goal of making money. It is absolutely essential for you and for humanity that you do some research before donating your good money. Your money being ended up in some scammer’s hands is something that you would not appreciate. Your situation is quite understandable that you are so moved by this noble cause that you can’t stay contended without donating. Your funds are most welcomed by many different societies and organizations. Some of these organizations are really working unconditionally for this cause and some organizations are no more than a get rich quick scheme.

Before donating your money to an organization always do the due research. Now there are a few ways in which you can ensure that your money is going to the right organization. Surf the website of the organization that you are planning to donate to and look for the recent awards and accreditations that particular organization has. Also look for permanent donors who have been donating their money to that organization, check out the consistency of the donors and the amounts they have been donating.

Search the web about the group you are planning to donate and find reviews if you can and read them. Another important thing to note is that some organizations demand donations for breast cancer and they do spend money in reality for the noble cause but the amount of money, the percentage of your donation which is being spent on breast cancer is hardly about 15 to 20 percent. The rest of your money goes to the organization. Now you wouldn’t want that! Would you?

It is necessary therefore to donate only to those nonprofit organizations that are genuine in their work and whole-heartedly devoted to help breast cancer patients.

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A recent report has shown that over 234,000 new cases of breast cancer are reported in the United States alone annually. The rate of breast cancer deaths has been decreasing over the last couple of years, but the alarming fact is that one in every eight woman in the United States has fought with invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. In order to help women get through this difficult time, cancer rehabilitation and recovery centers have been setup.


Unfortunately, not all of these cancer clinics have the real interest in their patients. People with corporate minds are taking advantage of breast cancer victims with programs that only help in draining money from pockets. With the help of savvy marketing ploys and the so-called benevolent acts, breast cancer charities are using patients to fill in their banks. Only a handful of organizations truly possess the intentions of serving humanity, and in this case help breast cancer victims recover to full health and provide assistance in standing back on their feet. With the help of media and prominent organizations such as The American Institute of Philanthropy, organizations taking advantage of breast cancer victims, have been put under great scrutiny.


Moreover, cases have been opened up against such organizations throughout out the United States. Scams in Breast cancer charities, support groups and philanthropic organizations are programs which turn patients in times of desperation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all charitable organizations to set serving humanity as their primary objective. A recent survey shows that most of the charitable organizations in the United States were involved in some kind of scam. Renowned organizations such as Breast Cancer Charities of America, Children with Hair Loss, Big Hope, etc. have been labeled responsible for indecent services to cancer victims.  


Most of these organizations have also been criticized for using donations for personal gains. Regulatory institutions have opened up cases to see whether these organizations have been operating under legal boundaries. In this scenario, only a few Breast Cancer charities have stayed true to the course, which is simply serving humanity. They are providing a big helping hand to the cancer community by providing aid to breast cancer victims through education on cancer, monetary assistance and scientific research. They have a large family of supporters and volunteers, who play an active part in bringing donations and helping out breast cancer victims. 


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More than 40,000 women die of breast cancer in the United States each year. While this figure keeps on increasing, the rate of breast cancer related deaths is decreasing, all thanks to philanthropic organizations, which have played a superb role in educating the masses about this disease. Unfortunately, all organizations don’t have humanitarian interests set as their primary objective.


A recent survey has shown that there is an alarming rate of increase in the amount of scams in this field. Many charitable organizations are taking advantage of victims by stealing from their pockets, giving away falsified information and offering cosmetic services. It is always wise to do a little bit of research before donating to a cause.


Never get impressed by big names or fund raisers associated with big causes. It is important to realize how helpful is the charity you are about to donate to. It is surprisingly simple to setup a charity, but astonishingly difficult to run one. Therefore, it is better to look at performances rather than credentials. Nowadays, charitable organizations are becoming a hub for easy fraud-money. A sharp and vigilant eye is required to keep track of the progress and operations of the organization.


A large number of renowned charitable organizations have been defamed because of allegations of stealing donations and providing fallacious information. A few names on the list are Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, Children's Cancer Fund of America, Big Hope, National Children's Leukemia Foundation, etc. Due to the massive increase of fraudulent charitable organizations, law bodies and regulatory authorities have stepped up their efforts to cull such nuisances from the society.


Charitable organizations are supposed to be a haven for cancer victims. They should be places of retreat, where the patients are provided comfort and support, a place where they can be educated about how to cope with life in this difficult time. Unfortunately hardly a few charitable organizations have managed to maintain a good name in the society. They are running various charity programs successfully without the slightest trace of any scam or fraud in their programs.


They have successfully created their fame as trustworthy organizations where supporters and volunteer workers sweat to help breast cancer victims. These charities design a number of projects with the aim of raising breast cancer awareness. Such honest and legitimate humanitarian efforts must be applauded and supported.

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Various scam societies are functional for looting kind people in the name of breast cancer awareness campaigns and programs. Breast cancer awareness scamming is the unlawful act and the culprits have to be punished by the court for doing such a grubby acts. We see in the last 20 years the breast cancer awareness campaigns and programs are running by many non-profit charities but still there is no remarkable decline is observed in rate of mortality due to breast cancer rather in North America an increase occurrence of breast cancer is observed in every 1 woman out of 8. So where these breast cancer awareness programs are combating with breast cancer? Why they are not so effective?


These are the questions which should probably hit the minds of people who are skeptical in donating to such charities. Billions of dollars are collected via many breast cancer awareness programs and donations by small and large charities declaring them as non-profit organizations assisting breast cancer patients in the tough time of their disease and recover period. It is fact that people donate generously for supporting these awareness campaigns in hope of bringing breast cancer to its end one day. But why these efforts are still futile for eradicating breast cancer? Part of the reason is that this non-profit awareness programs are scam and swindle which are only busy to make money in order to become rich and renowned.


Instead of transferring money for finding new solutions for breast cancer and research money always go in hands of these scammers. Such charities only pretend them as breast cancer charities but in reality they steal money directly from the pockets of donors. The Coalition Against Breast Cancer, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Walker Cancer Research Institute and the American Breast Cancer Foundation are among those charities which have been accused of running breast cancer awareness scam charities. These defrauding charities are overshadowing the name of those charities that actually do fundraising and awareness programs for helping in combating breast cancer disease.


The charities which are really working selflessly for assisting impoverished and unprivileged people suffering from breast cancer can be counted on finger tips. Though the situation is alarming yet with the presence of good charities, the humanitarian work to support cancer patients is going on intact and invites philanthropists to contribute to the noble cause.


Breast cancer charities intermittently organize the awareness walks and volunteer events in which people whole heartedly participate, donate and make successful strides for making it possible to eradicate breast cancer through awareness, education, financial assistance and research work.


Many swindle charities call upon for awareness walks and sessions through various communication means including telephone calls, online awareness programs, and flyers or through text massages. People without doing any due investigations start donating and perceive that the charity is working for the challenging noble cause but it is not true in about all charities spreading so called awareness of breast cancer. Rather using money for deserving victims they make money for their own profit depriving people who have actual right of enjoying these donations for combating breast cancer menace. Being not for profit, the good charities are struggling tirelessly to cope with breast cancer evil threats through their commendable awareness programs and sessions. 

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In USA after lung cancer breast cancer is common among females. But early diagnosis and detection can give time to survive and enjoy more years of life to the breast cancer patients. Because of the frequency of this cancer development, it is required that women should be very much conscious about their body changes so that whenever they feel any change similar to breast cancer symptoms, they can go to doctor to have breast cancer tests for diagnosis. Treatment becomes quite helpful in case of early detection.  

Diagnostic procedures for breast cancer

Lump detection

If anyone feels a lump in her breast or armpit then it might be due to abnormal growth of cancer cells which form clusters in either lymph nodes or outside. These lumps are detected by using various diagnostic techniques. The formation of small or large lump is considered as the main marker for early diagnosis of breast cancer. Sometimes due to abnormal lump formation the size and shape of breast change, sometimes colour of breast skin become red or brown along with lump formation.

Having Mammogram

With the very low dose of X-rays mammogram of breast is done. Full breast is held by mammogram machine where one mammogram is taken by compressing the breast against the X-ray beam. The place where breast is held by the machine receives X-ray beams from four sides. In this way entire screening is done for each breast in order to diagnose cancer if it is there. It is the best diagnostic procedure for cancer diagnosis because a mammogram can also detect cancer development before formation of lump. 

Ultrasound for diagnosing breast cancer

Entire breast screening is not possible with breast ultrasound. It is the technique which detects sound of fluid present in the lump or cyst of cancer. It is not considered as best option for diagnosis of cancer. 

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRI produces complete image of entire breast and so helping in diagnosing breast cancer with more feasibility. 

Breast biopsy

For final diagnosis of breast cancer the breast biopsy is performed. In this very technique sampling the affected area is done by using core needle. For marking the exact point where cancer is present, the thin metal clip is placed under their supervision of X-ray. By using needle localization excisional breast biopsy, the exact breast portion is removed for final diagnosis.

Treatments procedures for breast cancer


For complete removal of breast cancer lump, portion of breast or skin etc, the doctors suggest surgery. It reduces chances of development of cancer again and again.


In radiotherapy treatment, the affected breast is subjected to radiation therapy via X-ray beam in order to kill remnants of cancer cells.


Drugs are given to the patient for shrinking the large breast tumors or removing small breast tumors in case of recurrence of cancer.  

Hormone therapy

Hormone sensitive malignant cells are treated by hormone therapy in order to reduce second chance for cancer cells to strengthen their roots again.

Targeted drug therapy

For killing cancer cells, targeted drugs are used to kill those cells which are potent of giving nutrition to cancer cells even after surgery or other prior treatments.

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Breast cancer is a dreadful disease with server consequences and cause even death of patients if not diagnosed at an appropriate time. Breast cancer disease can be easily identified with various breast cancer symptoms which specifically appear on the breast area. For example a breast cancer patient may feel lumpy skin of breast which is a clear symptom of cancer. Along with lumpy skin, irritation, redness and rashes on the breast can be the symptoms of breast cancer. Swelling of the armpits and breast area is also caused by breast cancer. However, it can also be caused by some other problems such as cyst development. 


Lumpy breast


Usually in breast cancer a lump is developed on the armpits or on the patient’s breast. Usually the non-cancerous lumps disappear after the regular menstrual cycle. In case the lump doesn’t disappear then get it examined by the doctor. The persistent lumps on breast are a sign of uncontrolled tumor development in the breast. The lumps are normally not painful but they create a pinching sensation in patients. 


Inflation of armpits


In case of breast cancer, patients usually complain for swelling in the armpits or on breast. Armpit inflation along with pain is a sure symptom of breast cancer. 


Change in the breast form


If the shape of breast is changing then the reason is again tumor development. It is the uncontrolled cell division happening inside the breast and it’s very difficult to feel from outside. So changes in breast shape and orientation give a strong clue that may be cancerous cells are developing there.   


Skin abnormalities


Rashes, redness and dimpling of skin on breast area are symptoms of breast cancer. Sometimes patient can feel the thickening of nipples which does not happen in normal circumstances. If these skin problems don’t retain for a longer period of time then it means that they are not cancerous. In that case, it can be caused due to the formation of different cysts. In case, these symptoms persist then they should be checked by the physician. 


Unexpected increase in breast size


Increase in breast size cannot happen in a matter of few days. If there is an immediate increase in the breast size then something wrong is going inside. It can be due to the formation of internal lumps and in severe cases this abrupt change is due to breast cancer. 


Inverted nipples


The orientation of nipples become inverted and changes its normal shape. This usually happens at the later stages of breast cancer. In fact all the breast cancer symptoms can be identified a little later after getting the disease. When the tumor has increased up to a certain size then it starts showing different symptoms. Patients are advised to consult their GP’s in case of even a smallest symptom of breast cancer. 


Breast cancer symptoms are an excellent way to identify the disease. These symptoms are very helpful in creating awareness amongst the society members. Cancer is a disease which can only be cured if it is diagnosed at an appropriate time. Awareness can resolve many issues because even some people ignore these symptoms and then suffer from severe medical complications. With breast cancer symptoms, the disease can be identified and then further testing is required for the detailed analysis of the disease.

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Breast cancer is the second most prevalent type of cancer globally. There are a large number of people who lose their lives every year because of this disease. In order to decrease these casualties awareness about this disease has to be spread and this is done by many methods; every year there is a whole month which is dedicated to spread awareness about breast cancer. This is arranged through pink parties, pink ribbons and hundreds of other pink products. 


Breast cancer can appear in both men and women but women are a 100 times more prone to get breast cancer. Breast cancer may cause even death if it is not detected at an early stage. There are thousands of people who die because of this disease every year. A number of people can be saved if the awareness about breast cancer is imparted to the public.


Awareness through pink parties

One of the great ways to increase awareness about this serious disease is to organize pink parties. Mostly these parties are arranged by nonprofit organizations, individuals companies and philanthropic groups. These parties are held to increase the awareness on breast cancer and collect donations to support research on the disease and help needy patients to continue their treatment.


Pink Ribbons

Wearing pink ribbons is one of the most popular ways of increasing breast cancer awareness and raising money for the research purposes. These pink ribbons are available every year in a certain month and when people buy these ribbons, the profit generated from the sales is spent on the research regarding prevention and supporting breast cancer patients. It works much as pink parties but the difference is people can buy pink ribbons inexpensively from stores which are near to them. And whoever asks about their pink ribbons is educated about the breast cancer. It is a great way of making people aware of the second most prevalent cancer which is Breast Cancer.


Pink Products

After the tremendous expansion of pink ribbon awareness program, pink ribbons are now found on many different products and items. They are found on wish cards, cars, retail goods, and numerous other items. Many corporations that participate in pink ribbon products campaign also donate a piece of their profits to certain groups that are supporting breast cancer issues. In the month of breast cancer awareness, it is a common sight that suddenly the aisles of stores are filled with pink products. Sometimes you might even see pink cars in dealerships in your locality.


Increasing awareness about breast cancer is one of the most effective tools in decreasing the spread of this dangerous disease. In order to ensure awareness about the second most prevalent cancer in the world everybody has to play his part. There are many campaigns that are running worldwide to increase awareness about this type cancer.